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היום ראשון של משחקי הקרוספיט 2017 גבה נפגעות, מסתבר. שלוש אתלטיות יסיימו את העונה שלהן בשלב הראשוני הזה.

1. קמיל לבלנק-בזינט

קמיל האתלטית בעלת הפרופיל הגבוה, סבלה מקרע באזור הכתף לפני כשבועיים במהלך האימונים. בתחרות, במהלך מקצה ה-"Cyclocross" היא נפלה על הכתף הפצועה, מה שהוביל לדיסלוקציה של המפרק. מכאן, היא בחרה לקבל את ההחלטה המושכלת ולחשוב על הטווח הרחוק – ולפרוש מהגימס.

So 2 weeks ago I dislocated my shoulder and tore my labrum very badly … I rehab it the best I could and came into this weekend hoping to have a smooth weekend without bad luck… my shoulder was feelling pretty okay going into competition but during the bike event my bike slipped and I fail on my bad shoulder and it came out again… I was waiting after to see what would happen but it felt like it was coming out of its socket so I decided to pull myself out and try to get a speedy recovery instead of maybe maybe being able to compete a little bit and not at full capacity with a big chance to injure myself even more…. please don't feel sorry for me this is just life and i guess it's a 2 year plan this time… btw sorry to everyone who put me in their top 10 pick em from reebok 😂🙈#joke #Repost @crossfitgames ・・・ @camillelbaz, already dealing with a shoulder injury, confirmed that she dislocated her shoulder in a fall on the o-course. – "I fell on it and it just came out. … I kind of wanted to puke. The adrenaline kicked in and I just put it back in." – She was in tears at the finish line but better spirits back at the athlete tent. – "Now it feels really unstable." — The eight-time CrossFit Games qualifier has withdrawn from the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games. 📷 @rubywolff

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2. צ'לסי יוז

צ'לסיו יוז היא טירונית משחקי במשחקי הקרוספיט 2017. אין מידע כרגע בנוגע לפציעה, אך נראה שלא הייתה נוכחת בשני מקצים ביום הראשון_ בריצה-שחייה-ריצה וב-"Amanda".

3. קרלין מת'יוז

קרלין מת'יוז לא סיימה את מקצה האמנדה ביום הראשון של התחרות, לאחר שהרגישה חוסר תגובתיות באזור הזרוע והכתף. קרלין התחרתה בעבר במשחקי 2015 ו-2016.

And just like that my 2017 CrossFit Games is over…. Tuesday night I flew into Madison and woke up Wednesday with what I thought was just a knot in my back…got it worked on but no relief…I realized it might be my neck, by Friday I realized my left arm was not locking out and feeling dumb… I knew something was NOT right with my body. I was trying so desperately to be positive and be myself and fight through it… but I did not feel comfortable in my body…warming up for the snatch event I was able to snatch and my warm up kip swings for the muscle up felt great… I told @xfactor_chris I was going to be able to do this event and was confident…. I went to do a muscle up and could not dip out. I was telling my body to do something and it would not respond…. the minimum work requirement for the event was getting through the round of 11 mu… i did not complete one and with that, my 2017 games is over….. This is NOT the end of MY journey. I am mad, I am sad, I am disappointed… however this too shall pass. This does not take away from the phenomenal year I have had… the end result is just a part of my journey… but the reality is…there is so much for me to be proud of, to celebrate, and to cherish. This is not the way I visualized my season ending, but this is not the end for me… this is just a stepping stone to making me a better athlete and person. The rest of the weekend I plan to cheer as loud as I can for all the other athletes, be there for them if they need me, spend some time with my husband, and hang out! If you see me around please stop me and say HI!!!! Thank you for your continued support! Huge thank you to CrossFit St. Helens for the support and to everyone who sent me, keith or chris messages! This is not my end!!! @mission6nutrition @iceagemeals @pillageathletics @rxsmartgear @dermalicious @nike @smashpack @crossfitgames @crossfitsthelens 📸cred @dunkcfpd

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